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S. M. Police Council

Just For Fun

Parking in Crosswalk

(22500 (b))



Curb Parking

(22502 (a))

Colored Curbs


One/Two Hour zones

(SMMC  (7-5.14))

Handicap Parking Law


Disabled Parking Privileges


Handicap Spaces


C.V.C. 22669

Temp. Operating Permit

 (Placement & Instructions)

Permanent Trailer ID


10 & 11 Codes

Standardized Code System

Phonetic Alphabet

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The Police Council Comedy Night and Auction
featuring comedian Carl Wolfson

Saturday, October 15, 2011

at the

Santa Maria Country Club

Carl Wolfson is a veteran of HBO, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, VH-1 Stand-Up Spotlight, An Evening at the Improv, and The Joan Rivers Show. In addition to touring, he now hosts the KPOJ Morning Show on AM620 KPOJ in Portland, Oregon

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The 2011 Police Council Golf Tournament Has Now

Been Successfully Completed

While the participation in the tournament was down somewhat this year, it was nonetheless very successful. The smaller turnout allowed for faster play which pleased some of the players and allowed a little more time to concentrate on their play. All in all the players had a very enjoyable time and were very satisfied.

The weather, which had been questionable, cooperated and provided very nice day on the golf course.

Tri-tip sandwiches were served on the course, along with beverages, including water, soft drinks and beer, this was appreciated by all. During the awards after the match, there was more food and time to socialize. This allowed the participants a chance to relax and talk about the good and not so could shots they made during the day.

While I personally was working at hole #3, I too had a very enjoyable time just watching the enjoyment of the participants. Be the good Lord willing I will be there again next year and I hope you will be too.

We thank you for your participation and may God bless.

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